Wings of a Rich Manoeuvre, Suzann Victor, National Museum of Singapore. Lighting and interactivity designed and manufactured by Lumen.Cloud.

Lumen.Cloud is an art, lighting, sound and installation collective led by Michelle Xen and designer Richard Candy. Working across disciplines, Lumen.Cloud have been commissioned to design and develop projects from lighting, interactivity, to installation, public art and festival events.

Featured project: Wings of a Rich Manoeuvre – by Singaporean artist Suzann Victor, presents a chorus of eight kinetic chandeliers that “sing” with movement as they sway in a dramatic mid-air choreography of light. Each chandelier is constructed and shaped from stainless steel and studded with a sparkling array of precision-cut Swarovski crystals accentuated by LED light designed by Lumen.Cloud. Together, the chandeliers create breathtaking aerial calligraphy as they morph from one hypnotic pattern to another, high above the bridge linking the National Museum’s original 19th-century colonial building with its modern futuristic glass wing.