Electro Comb saw the transformation of inner city Fish Lane Studios into a one-night-only collaborative performance event across music, dance and sculptural costume. The project was built around the experimental pop music release Electro Comb written and produced by Michelle Xen. Costumes were developed by artist and photographer Gerwyn Davies who created four bespoke headpieces for the dance performers in Electro Comb. The project also involved a shortlisted team of creative interns who developed and produced wearable sculptural accessories for the cast of the music video.

Project Credits:
Written and produced by Michelle Xen
Mixed and mastered by Yanto Browning
Released by Paper Street Records
Music video Directed by Michelle Xen
Director of Photography Jared Bazley
Edited by Michelle Xen
Colourist: Jared Bazley
Photo Documentation by Black Bee Studio
Choreographed by Courtney Scheu

Main protagonist: Nick
Costume Design by Gerwyn Davies
Make-up Artist: Lucille Korponay
Creative Collaborators:
Joel Devereux
Melissa Poole
Chaihui Tseng

Project Managers: Michelle Xen and Carly Dickenson
Many thanks to Tristan Berry at Paper Street Records
Many thanks to the artists, creatives, dancers and volunteers who participated in the making of this video.

Supported by iAM Projects and Fish Lane Studios
Supported by Brisbane City Council Creative Sparks Grant