[DISCO]MFORT, Michelle Xen, 2023, neon.

[DISCO]MFORT, is the first in a text-based light series drawn from Xen’s experience as both installation artist and songwriter. Lyrical fragments and words have been collected and collaged as a kind of multidisciplinary interplay.

“Beneath the vibrations of discomfort you can find your own cells dancing; disc/disco/discomfort. When I learnt to DJ (disc jockey), I used
vinyl records only, and purchased club tracks pressed to vinyl on Indie labels. Ironically, I did not play disco as a DJ, but I appreciate how this underground dance movement has informed house and pop music. The literal translation of the word discotheques means “record library” but refers to a space for dancing, a nightclub. Discs are inscriptions, records.”
Michelle Xen